Shadow Minister for Culture and the Arts; Heritage; Multicultural Interests and Citizenship

The electorate of Perth is a great place to live, with a friendly village-like atmosphere. We enjoy a diverse, multicultural community spirit and have access to great cultural, entertainment and sporting facilities.

As someone who lives, works, shops and dines in our local area, I'm passionate about making sure our quality of life is strengthened and that WA continues to become a better place to live. I entered State Parliament in 2001 after serving as Mayor and Councillor of the Town of Vincent for a number of years.

As an active member of community, sporting and interest groups locally, I want to make sure that your concerns have a voice in State Parliament. If there is any matter that falls within the responsibility of State Government Departments that is causing you or your family concern, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Please feel welcome to call in if you wish, or contact my office by phone, fax or e-mail. If my parliamentary work takes me away from the office, my friendly electorate staff will be happy to assist you.


John Hyde MLA

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Latest News Perth MLA John Hyde says seniors continue to be confused and distressed by the State Government's mismanagement of the $100 Seniors Rebate, "Many seniors expected to get their $100 in December and all they're getting is misleading advice on how to fill in a form to get on a list to maybe get a rebate later this year," said Mr Hyde. "We helped people request application forms back in December, but they heard nothing back." Click here to read more

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